Building the Collaborate Milwaukee Demo Room

If you’re a content creator, podcaster, educator, or artist/ musician in Wisconsin, we would like talk about how we can incorporate your work or message.

We are seeking corporate partners who support STEM or the arts in Wisconsin. 

We effectively create sponsorship visibility that delivers a compelling message. Example video of Collaborate and sponsorship placement.

Development test using chroma key in Collaborate. Featuring local Milwaukee artists Kat Auburn.

Meeting in spaces you’ve never imagined possible

Peoples natural social movement comes through in a virtual environment. This makes it easier to host large meetings and events.

There’s no more need to deal with creating breakout rooms or worry about who needs to talk to who in different rooms. Everyone’s in the same meeting and can just walk over and talk to one another naturally.

If you just need more space, you can always find some quiet corner outside with a small group. 

Virtual Location Options

We have a variety of spaces to choose from. We’ve created templates that will lay out the entire space for your need with the click of a button.


Collaborate location: City Loft 
Our website is currently in development, please contact us if you would like to be an early access adopter of Collaborate.